History of the College

Montgrove College, an independent girls’ school teaching the Catholic faith, came to birth through the efforts of a group of parents and educators. They were keen to see schools with the PARED philosophy in the outer western suburbs of Sydney. There were already two PARED (Parents for Education) schools operating in Sydney’s Hills District, where the recognition of parents as first educators was the mainspring of the philosophy.

Their efforts were rewarded in 1999 with the founding of Orchard Hills Preparatory School out of which Montgrove College grew. Originally the Preparatory School catered for boys, but, in 2004, it became co-educational. Three years later the school’s name was changed to Montgrove College with a girls Year 3 class, the boys progressing to the new boys school, Wollemi College, at Werrington. Montgrove College now offers a Kindergarten to Yr 12 education, maintaining as part of its structure a co-educational K-2 school at Orchard Hills.

The College has flourished due to the dual commitment of dedicated parents and the teachers who work with them in the character formation of their children. The College is based on the principle that parents are the primary educators of their children and that schools exist to give parents every support. This support is found in the quality of the academic curriculum, in the way that staff work with students and parents in the unique tutorial system, in the emphasis on character development and virtues in the curriculum, and in the concern that staff and peer example be fully positive and supportive of parents. Home and school are united. There is ongoing input to parents through a variety of programs all designed to assist parents to be more effective.

The College places importance on the development of virtues seen as good habits, the building blocks of character. By developing strengths of character such as sound judgement, self-control, courage and responsibility towards others, students are better able to use their freedom to make the right choices in life. Human and civic virtues are fostered.

The education at Montgrove is personal. Each student receives a personal mentor, or tutor, selected from the teaching staff of the College. The tutor is a constant source of support for the student through her attention, friendship, example and advice. She meets regularly with the student during the term, and meets with the parents at least once each term, reviewing progress, and helping with goal setting. The tutor takes a personal interest in the progress of the girls she tutors, acting on the parents’ behalf, and coordinating the services of the College for the family. In addition parental values receive reinforcement from a positive peer environment present through the College.