Jul 13

On Friday 5th May 2017, 27 students from Year 7 to Year 11 attended the annual Hills Zone Cross Country Carnival held at the Sydney International Equestrian Centre. The 27 students who attended were in high spirits the entire day as they patiently waited for their race. The grand stand was situated in front of the finish line where all schools were able to view the spectacular finishes as each student sprinted to the finish line in an attempt to overtake the other competitors. We had many girls produce excellent results throughout the day.

Montgrove College placed 3rd in the Percentage Shield. Congratulations to Gemma Doyle (Year 9) who finished 9th in the 14 years 4km race.

Jul 13

On Wednesday afternoon, Montgrove College hosted the ROSTRUM Public Speaking competition. Congratulations to the girls for their wonderful preparation and presentation of their speeches.   The calibre of speakers was very high and the girls should be very proud of their efforts.  Olivia Twyford won her division and has progressed to the Regional Finals to be held in May. We wish Olivia all the best. Mikayla Jay was awarded runner up in her division.  Well done girls.
Jul 13
On Tuesday Montgrove College competed in the Regional Secondary Futsal Competition. Thanks to Mr Badrov and his expertise in Futsal, the girls trained hard and were very competitive showing great potential. Montgrove Blue made it to the semi-finals. This is the first time that Montgrove has played in a Futsal competition and the girls did a fantastic job.
Jul 12

Our Harmony Day spectacular did not disappoint. St Patrick made sure that the rain did not come down and we were able to enjoy the amazing stalls and performances of all the different nations. Every item had its own charm and it was great to see some students learning about a new culture by participating in a performance from a different country.

We are fortunate to live in a country that has people from a variety of cultures living side by side in relative peace. The various multicultural events and Harmony Days celebrated throughout the nation foster greater cohesion and a deeper understanding of the cultural heritage of the members of our community. Celebrating our diversity should lead us to appreciate the common aspirations and desires that we all have for love and happiness.

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of Harmony Day!

Jul 12

On Thursday, the Year 10s had an opportunity to assist Sailability Penrith host a sailing and fishing event with for the elderly at Penrith Lakes. Here is what one of the Year 10s reported on the experience.

Sailability was an interesting and new experience for all of us who attended. None of us have ever learnt to sail before and most had no experience on the water. However, with the couple of hours we had, I guess you could say we practically became experts.

Interacting with all of our passengers was a whole other aspect to the day. We as a group had to step out of our comfort zone to try and create the best experience for the elderly. In the end all the girls had an amazing day and all walked away with something new in mind. I would definitely go back again and would heavily encourage everyone to go too. It is a great learning experience for all ages and a great social interaction activity. 

Jun 12

In 2018, Montgrove College will be opening an additional class in Kindergarten and Year 2. From 2018, the Year 2 boys will be moving to the Wollemi campus in Werrington. This is an exciting new stage of growth at Montgrove.

Applications are currently being processed for 2018 Kindergarten, Year 2 and Year 7 girls. Please refer to the Enrolments section of the school website for information on the enrolment process. The next Open Day for Montgrove is scheduled for Wednesday, 2nd August.

Dec 23

Congratulations to our first graduating class on their HSC results. From a class of 21 students, they received 14 listings on the Distinguished Achievers List. Guada Tamayo came 8th in the State for Music 1. Guada was also nominated for ENCORE, and Maxine Gando was nominated for ARTEXPRESS. The students’ results were in the top two bands for 71% of their exams. Well done!
Nov 28

On Friday 25th November, eight girls from Years 7 and 8 were selected to participate in the annual History Mastermind Competition along with 29 other schools from around the area. The competition was held at St. Clair’s High School with trivia style games. It consisted of eight rounds, a semi-final and a grand-final. Topics varied from Flags of the World to the History of Australia’s politics.

Our Year 7 team consisted of Rolene Lupisan, Anastazia Pincevic, Amelia Eade and Klarissa Blazevic. Overall they put in a fantastic effort and competed extremely well. Our Year 8 team consisted of Clare Scanlan, Olivia Twyford, Claire Warren and Gemma Portelli. These girls placed on the leader board for all the rounds and made it to the semi-finals, receiving 3rd place.

Aug 17

Each year, the Year 9 students attend a one week ‘technology free’ camp on the Central Coast. The camp provides learning outcomes which focus on Life, Outdoor Recreation and Environmental Studies. The activities that the girls participate in offer our students practical ways to develop resilience, independence, team work and problem solving skills. 

Here is a recap of their activities for the week……. 

“Our experience with camp was one to remember. The class were put into groups of 4 with a budget of $100 to spend on all our meals and snacks for the week. We were required to plan a well-balanced menu based on our budget. We thought it would be a challenge, but all groups were under the budget of $100. Great planning! The activity taught us ways to budget and how to shop efficiently. Monday also gave us the opportunity to participate in some trust games and activities. This was a great chance for us to see how trustworthy our class mates really are. 

Tuesday you could say was a ‘wet’ day. This is because we went kayaking and had some watercraft activities. Kayaking was fun and educational. We learnt a lot about the ecosystems within the lagoon. The water craft consisted of paddle boarding and pedal boats. After this we went to The Entrance to participate in some pelican feeding. 

On Wednesday we really used our strength and patience. We completed the Boudii Coastal walk which was an 8km hike. It was very hard! There were so many steps and very steep passages. A lot of us struggled with being in the bush, due to the large quantities of mosquitoes and leeches. We are, however, very proud of our efforts, especially knowing that we are the very first class to complete the extension option of the walk altogether. During this long and tiring walk we were able to spend time talking with others in our class whom we don't normally spend as much time with. We really got to know each other a little better and learnt things that we never knew, along with seeing everyone's true personalities. 

On Thursday we took part in a guided walk through the Forest of Tranquility which was then followed by a sports afternoon. On Friday we girls had so much fun learning how to surf as well as learning about beach safety. We thoroughly enjoyed a wonderful week of unity, resilience and just spending quality time getting to know each other.”
Mar 21

On Thursday 25th and Friday 26th February Year 6 went on an educational tour of our Nation’s Capital as a part of our History unit - Australia as a Nation.  Students were given the opportunity to participate in a variety of educational programs with a focus on Australia’s history, culture, heritage and democracy.  

The Australian Government recognises the importance of all young Australians being able to visit the national capital as part of their Civic and Citizenship education.  To assist families in meeting the cost of the excursion the Australian Government contributes funding of $20 per student under the Parliament and Civics Education Rebate program towards these costs. 

The overall excitement was uncontrollable! We, as Yr 6, are very grateful for all the supervision given on the trip and enjoyed every second of our journey. The unbelievable coincidence of meeting the Prime Minister, Mr Malcolm Turnbull (pictured to the left with us) was well.....UNBELIEVABLE! the incredibility of all the fascinating artefacts we saw at all of the destinations were complex but very informative. The stories we heard were brought to life by all the amazing sculptures and paintings that were carefully manufactured or made. 

When we were assigned to our cabins, the feeling of independence made my colleagues and I feel excitement rush through our bodies. Although the excitement caused by our journey enabled us to stay awake for a long period of time!  

The trip, the food and the teachers were amazing there at Canberra and I hope we can all go back there again, just for old time's sake – Erin

I closed my eyes.  I had to let go.  It was now or never.  I pushed away a sob of despair.  The noise faded to background music.  Then, I let go.  WOO-HOO!!! That was so fun! I’ll have to try Questacon’s big slide again!! – Alicia

My highlight of our excursion to Canberra was meeting PM Malcolm Turnbull, Fiona Scott MP and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop. I can't believe they met with us!! I also enjoyed Fiona Scott's excellent talk and her great advice to us. - Rose 

Canberra was so interesting. I learnt so much. My favourite thing I learnt was about the voting system, how we use preferential voting and that you have to enrol at sixteen and vote at eighteen. Canberra was an experience I will cherish forever. - Kaiyen 

Did you know that the biggest embassy was the American one?  I did not know that.  I also did not know that the second biggest embassy was the Chinese one! Wow! They were all very big. - Jini-Mary 

There we were, sitting on some benches inside Parliament House. When all of a sudden I see a wave of blonde hair, then we yell Fiona Scott! -  but then, she disappears. One minute later she reappears with 2 figures that we all at once recognise. “O my goodness!!!" everyone yells! It was Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop - Moriah 

There we were sitting waiting for something special to happen. Then all my classmates started to crowd around a person. I wondered who it was.... It was our Prime Minister, Mr Malcolm Turnbull! - Emma 

And there they were! Malcolm Turnbull, Julie Bishop and Fiona Scott. It was awesome! We saw the Prime Minister, the Foreign Minister and the Federal MP for Lindsay! We learned a lot of new things about the Australian Government and how it works. It was fantastic. It's a time I'll never forget. - Ela 

This was my memory from the mock senate that our class participated in -Both sides have an equal amount of votes. The decision has been passed on to the small parties. Will the free WiFi bill be passed on? - Fiona 

My memory from the War Memorial: I breathed in - I smelt a deadly smell and could not believe that lots of soldiers actually had to practically live on this submarine. I also could not believe that they actually could breathe it in for more than 3 seconds without dying...........or so I think. This was what our ANZACS had to go through to fight for our country! - Joanna