Jun 28
During the last week of Term 2, 19 students and 4 teachers braved the cold to participate in the Winter Sleep Out to raise money for the homeless in the local community. 

Excerpt of the experience written by Eva L (Yr9):
‘Homeless’ is a term that we had defined as not only without a place to stay, but without support of family and friends or lacking basic needs. We were ‘houseless’ not ‘homeless’ since we didn’t skip any meals, we had our showers and all our hygiene products, and the simple fact that we were amongst friends, people who kept us laughing, people who understood what we were going through since they were experiencing it themselves, made it more bearable. We knew we were safe. Homeless people simply don’t have that security. We learnt a lot in this experience and we thank Mrs Carrington and Miss Patino for organising it for us. With this new knowledge and the money from sponsors, we hope to help the homeless people in Sydney. Since we have realised just how hard it must be and how much they actually need help. 

Excerpt of the experience written by Illaria S (Yr9):

I feel like I can really empathise with the homeless after this experience in a way that I couldn’t before, and even though what I went through was nothing compared to the reality of their situation, I feel a new sense of obligation to do whatever I can to help homeless people, even if it’s just talking to them or just a few coins and a smile. Each kind interaction impacts and helps them, and they need more of it. This whole experience has really helped deepen my love and respect for the homeless and has called me to do more to help them, and I’m very grateful I was given this opportunity.