Jul 12

On Thursday, the Year 10s had an opportunity to assist Sailability Penrith host a sailing and fishing event with for the elderly at Penrith Lakes. Here is what one of the Year 10s reported on the experience.

Sailability was an interesting and new experience for all of us who attended. None of us have ever learnt to sail before and most had no experience on the water. However, with the couple of hours we had, I guess you could say we practically became experts.

Interacting with all of our passengers was a whole other aspect to the day. We as a group had to step out of our comfort zone to try and create the best experience for the elderly. In the end all the girls had an amazing day and all walked away with something new in mind. I would definitely go back again and would heavily encourage everyone to go too. It is a great learning experience for all ages and a great social interaction activity.