Oct 31

Year 12 2020 Service Leadership Day 

On Tuesday our new Year 12 class participated in a Service Leadership Day.  
The focus was on Service Leadership and Social Responsibility to prepare our students for their final year as school leaders at Montgrove College and future leaders in society.  
Activities included: 
  • Working in a warehouse processing Christmas shoe boxes for children all over the world who will receive a gift for the first time this Christmas.
  • A 'pep talk' and Q and A by past students Jacinta Lynch and Aiesha Oringo (Class of 2017).
  • A class organised shared picnic lunch at the park. 
Here are some of the impressions from our Year 12 students. 

"The service leadership today was truly enjoyable. I felt so happy that I helped contribute to many children’s presents. The Operation Christmas Child processing was great and I enjoyed sorting the presents. I would definitely would like to go back to Operation Christmas Child in my own time, as it helped the world become a better place, by bringing joy to children in poverty.  Jacinta and Aiesha’s talk was interesting and we learnt new things outside of school. The take away messages were that school is harder than Uni and when choosing my future career to keep in mind to help the community and to make the world a better place to live in" 

"I found the talk very helpful and it made me feel a bit more comfortable and less stressed about Year 12"