Aug 17

Each year, the Year 9 students attend a one week ‘technology free’ camp on the Central Coast. The camp provides learning outcomes which focus on Life, Outdoor Recreation and Environmental Studies. The activities that the girls participate in offer our students practical ways to develop resilience, independence, team work and problem solving skills. 

Here is a recap of their activities for the week……. 

“Our experience with camp was one to remember. The class were put into groups of 4 with a budget of $100 to spend on all our meals and snacks for the week. We were required to plan a well-balanced menu based on our budget. We thought it would be a challenge, but all groups were under the budget of $100. Great planning! The activity taught us ways to budget and how to shop efficiently. Monday also gave us the opportunity to participate in some trust games and activities. This was a great chance for us to see how trustworthy our class mates really are. 

Tuesday you could say was a ‘wet’ day. This is because we went kayaking and had some watercraft activities. Kayaking was fun and educational. We learnt a lot about the ecosystems within the lagoon. The water craft consisted of paddle boarding and pedal boats. After this we went to The Entrance to participate in some pelican feeding. 

On Wednesday we really used our strength and patience. We completed the Boudii Coastal walk which was an 8km hike. It was very hard! There were so many steps and very steep passages. A lot of us struggled with being in the bush, due to the large quantities of mosquitoes and leeches. We are, however, very proud of our efforts, especially knowing that we are the very first class to complete the extension option of the walk altogether. During this long and tiring walk we were able to spend time talking with others in our class whom we don't normally spend as much time with. We really got to know each other a little better and learnt things that we never knew, along with seeing everyone's true personalities. 

On Thursday we took part in a guided walk through the Forest of Tranquility which was then followed by a sports afternoon. On Friday we girls had so much fun learning how to surf as well as learning about beach safety. We thoroughly enjoyed a wonderful week of unity, resilience and just spending quality time getting to know each other.”