Mar 23

Year 1 Living Eggs – Chickens at School!

Last week, Year One were visited by Living Eggs! On Monday 23rd March, a lady arrived with 10 eggs for each of the 3 Year One classes. That’s 30 eggs! She put them in an incubator to keep them warm. 

Most of the eggs hatched the next day, apart from one little one that Mrs Wright had to help out of its shell. When the chicks hatched, they looked wet and tired. But very soon they had fluffed up and looked like the pictures below. It was very interesting to see the chicks eating the inside of their eggs whilst they were in the incubator. 

24 hours after the eggs had all hatched, we put the chicks into a brooding box. They were very happy in the brooding box. They had food, water and warmth from a light globe. We knew they were hot if they tried to keep away from the globe and cold if they were huddled up close to it. If they were walking around the brooding box, we knew they were just right! 

We had fun watching them and holding them carefully. We tried to give them just the right amount of food and water so that they would be healthy and strong. After almost 2 weeks it was time for us to say Good-bye to the chicks and give them to families who could look after them. 

We look forward to hearing all about them throughout the year.