Community Service

Montgrove College has established a high school student-volunteer community service recognition awards program.  All high school students are expected to complete a set number of community service hours per year while striving to achieve a bronze, silver or gold award for outstanding contributions in the area of community service.

The Purpose
Volunteering immerses our children in real life, helping others and interacting with people from all walks of life. In volunteering our children discover their own strengths and qualities, and use these to help others. Some consider it a preventive ingredient to create a balance for our children in the materialistic consumer world in which we live. Volunteering is a two way street, giving students an opportunity to change lives, including their own.  Immersing ourselves in giving to others, we are often initially unaware of how much we ourselves are gaining. Often we only fully understand the true value of our actions after doing them. As our children mature they will come to fully appreciate the value of volunteering, and to understand what they have given, and what they in turn have received. (Adapted from Kids Giving Back,

How the Award Scheme works
Each year, all high school students are expected to complete a certain number of community service hours depending on their year group. Students record the activity they have performed and numbers of hours in their Community Service Log Book and have it signed off by the activity leader/coordinator.  To gain a bronze, silver or gold award, students must go beyond the achievement of the assigned community service hours.