Learning Support

Montgrove College uses a variety of diagnostic and standardised assessments to identify and monitor students who have additional learning needs.

From Kindergarten through to Year 6, the Learning Support Team uses a range of evidence based programs to assist both the student and the classroom teacher.  This may take the form of class differentiation of student work, as well as individualised and small group withdrawal when required.

In the Secondary School the Learning Support Coordinator works collaboratively with individual subject teachers to develop and implement Individualised Education Plans (IEP's), student learning profiles and a differentiated curriculum for students with learning needs.

Students involved in the Learning Support Programs may receive:
  • directed small group instruction of the Multi Sensory Spalding Method for phonics, spelling, grammar rules, handwriting, sentence structure and comprehension skills
  • directed small group instruction in Mathematics
  • classroom support of student 'Individualised Education Plans'
  • three-dimensional auditory training programs
  • on-going monitoring and evaluation of students progress using a variety of diagnostic and standardised assessments
Montgrove College encourages communication between Parents, Teachers, Tutors and the Learning Support Team to promote a positive and caring learning environment for our students.