From the Head of Secondary

Montgrove College Secondary School aims to give the students a broad and well- rounded education while allowing each individual student to develop her own interests and skills to the best of her ability. We aim to inspire the students through a love for learning, to achieve academic success and through a love for God and others to develop sound moral character. Service to the community is reflected in the various projects in which the students are involved. Parents, tutors, teachers and students work together to help create the environment which is most conducive towards teaching and learning.

Electives in Years 9/10
In Years 9 and 10, Spanish, History, Art, Commerce, Music, Drama, Information & Software Technology and Food Technology are offered as elective subjects. Each year students may choose two electives from this combination.

Religion for Years 7-12
Religion is a compulsory subject for all years and the Catholic faith is taught by the teacher, as well as through guided prayer and lessons by the chaplains. 

Philosophy (Years 10-12)
It has been found that the study of philosophy benefits students intellectually, spiritually and morally and for this reason it is taught in senior classes. It broadens the students’ perspective of life and helps them to think independently

ICAS Science Mathematics, English and Writing Competitions
Students take part by in these external competitions. The Mathematics competition is compulsory for 5.3 Mathematics Stage 5- Years 9 and 10, and for Mathematic students in Year 11. The English competition is compulsory for Years 10 and 11 Advanced English students.

Maths Online Program
The Mathematics Online Program is used in the Secondary school. This program can be used for class work and homework exercises and enables the students to reinforce what they have studied in the classroom. It also helps students to become independent learners. Teachers have attended workshops as part of their professional development.

Honours Program in Semester 2 for the GAT students
As part of an extension to normal lessons gifted and talented students are offered an honours program in Semester 2. The students may choose one or two honours subjects and complete most of the work on their own and at their own pace but within a time frame. The subjects offered for honours courses are English, History, Mathematics, Science, Art, Music, Spanish, Latin, and PDHPE. 

Workshops for developing Study Skills
Years 10 and 11 have study skills workshops run by Elevate Education. These motivational speakers help the senior students to develop skills for the present and future and encourage students to manage their time for study efficiently and take responsibility for their own learning.

Year 7 have a study skills day in the first term to help them to have a smooth transition into secondary school. This study skills course is organised by the secondary teachers.

Careers Program in Year10
Students in Year 10 have a careers advisor who meets with them individually and helps them to organise their career program. The school has a careers room which can be used by the students for discussions, and for reading through the information forms, brochures and booklets. Special days are organized in Term 4 for career talks, using professional speakers from various walks of life.

Student Exchange Program
Montgrove has recently initiated a student exchange program which is offered to students who are studying Spanish in Year 10. Students from Spain may attend Montgrove Year 10 classes in the first part of Semester 2. In turn Montgrove students can attend a Spanish school later in Semester 2 with the intention of developing fluency in the Spanish language. This exchange allows students the opportunity to develop a better understanding of the history, art, music and culture of Spain.

There are various excursions run by different departments in the school to extend student participation in all subjects beyond the classroom environment setting. Students document their experiences through worksheets, photographs and study notes. They are also encouraged to make presentations at Secondary assemblies, thus developing the ability to work as a team and enhance and develop their public speaking skills.

Community Service
Students are encouraged to take part in community service programs. Year 7-11 are required to complete a certain number of hours of Community service. In addition to this there are organised service projects run by the school, in school and out of school, to help students to be more generous with their time and talents.

Year 9 Camp
Year 9 have a special program in Term 2. They have a weeklong camp away from school, which helps the students gain independence, work as a team, and develop life skills. Students live in cabins and tents, budget for the week, shop for essentials and cook their own food. They take part in physical activities such as walks, canoeing and surfing. This camp also serves as a practical extension to subjects such as Commerce, Science Geography, Physical Education and Character Education

Chess, Mock Trial, Debating Competitions, Art Exhibitions and Shakespeare Nights and Harmony Day Activities
Secondary school has extra- curricular activities such as Chess, Mock trial, Debating Competitions and Shakespearean Nights. Students also contribute through music and dances to cultural activities on Harmony Days. All these programs allow students of varying abilities to develop their talents and work at becoming well- rounded individuals.