Structures to Assist Parents

Montgrove delivers support to assist parents in their role as the primary educator of their children by providing ongoing formation.
This is done through:

Key Parent Functions

Key Parent Functions (KPF) are held in Terms 1 - 3 and provide an on-going program to assist parents in the education of their children. Attendance by both parents is essential. Each KPF is held on an evening as seminars or workshops conducted by experienced parents, educators and experts. Topics relate to educating a child at each developmental stage, current issues affecting the family, information sessions on policies and happenings at the college.

The most recent Key Parent Functions have covered the following topics:
  1. Educating in Human Love
  2. Understanding the Teenage Brain
  3. Characteristics of Strong Families
  4. The Home: Shaping Personal Identity
  5. Boundaries with Children
  6. Cyber Safety
  7. Parental Unity