Character building and parenting resources
on the Web

Parents Council Term 1, 2014 Newsletter (Comprehensive but mixed in quality) (Centre for the Advancement of Character and Ethics, Boston University) (The Character Education Partnership is a US coalition of organizations and individuals committed to character building) (Another vast gathering of organizations committed to character education giving access to useful links and resources) (A New Zealand organisation promoting character education in schools) (Thomas Lickona’s Centre for the 4th and 5th Rs, State University of New York, Cortland… excellent resources and an e-library of further links) (Directed specifically at fathers) (Drug information with character building resources) (West Australian state government comprehensive parenting website) (The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation)  (Young Media Australia’s Parent Media Helpline) (Islamic site strong on common sense parenting) (Website of a US peak parent body) (Useful resources on anger management) (Very practical tips from a clinical psychologist working from a habit building perspective) (A dynamic NZ based character education foundation) (A wide selection of character focused articles) (James Stenson’s downloadable resources) (Subscribe to free monthly parenting flyers) (Giving access to excellent media management resources for parents)