Mother and Daughter Activities

Mother and daughter camps are held for Years 3&4 and Years 5&6

Mother and Daughter Camps provide time:
  • for mums and daughters to spend time together.  Mothers and daughters should wait for each other, eat their meals together etc.  
  • for daughters to appreciate their mums. Daughters should offer their mum a plate as well as get their own and ensure they are seated with mum not just with friends.  Perhaps they could offer to get mum seconds or dessert etc.  Perhaps daughters should ask where mum would like to be seated.  
  • to get to know other mums and daughters.  Try to mix well.
  • to reinforce manners and courtesy.  Encourage your daughters to use courtesy at doorways: no barging.  Daughters should allow adults to go first, walking around others, saying “excuse me” etc. 
  • for daughters to be responsible for their own belongings and clearing away equipment etc.
  • for mums and daughters to learn new skills and grow in character through the activities planned.  
  • for having fun and laughing.
Year 7 and 8 All-u-re Mother and Daughter Day
This day explores with idea and meaning of true beauty, friendships and developing a healthy self-identity. The day features interactive sessions led by guest presenters from Workshops.